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You will find in SherlockIT all the legal data from commercial, civil and administrative courts in Portugal as well as company filings, in a very easy and practical way. You have access to over 4 million legal cases data in our portal.


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Find information regarding companies' filings in the portal SherlockIT. Find information about companies, office bearers and other Portugal corporate filings from SherlockIT.

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Find information from the moment of filing from District Courts, Appeals Courts, Administrative and Tax Courts and even special courts such as Maritime Court, Intellectual Property Court, Competition, Regulatory and Supervision Court.

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Portugal Legal Cases
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Business & Individual Bankruptcy & Insolvency Data in Portugal

SherlockIT is the partner for the best professionals. The portal is dedicated to serve:

  • Lawyers and Legal history research fraternity.
  • Accountants and business information professionals.
  • Risk management and risk mitigating sectors.
  • KYC (know your customer) related applications.
  • Banking and insurance related industries.

In SherlockIT you find information about:

  • Individuals and companies;
  • Bankruptcies, Insolvencies and Liquidations;
  • Information on litigation between companies (B2B) and between companies and individuals (B2C);
  • Legal cases in commercial courts, civil courts and administrative courts;
  • Portuguese Companies' Filings.

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